Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas Wrapping Nails - Cheers To The Holidays

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) I'm feeling super Christmassy this weekend, we had my boyfriends parents over for lunch and then they helped us put a work surface up in the garage. Then we went for a wintery walk and shop, and put the tree and decorations up. I'm really enjoying the warm festive feels!

As usual I'm behind with my nail blogging, so I've already moved onto another design, but I'm enjoying revisiting this one already as I was quite pleased with it! I used Cheers To The Holidays from Fun Lacquer again for my main work Christmas party, as it's a lovely bright party colour without being sparkly, and my dress was already sparkly. After the party I didn't want to take it off so tried out my new Festive 06 stamping plate from Mo You London over the top.

On my index and little finger nails I used this lovely Christmas star pattern which reminds me of the decorative ribbons you put on presents. On my middle fingers I used gold and silver, though the gold isn't that visible at the edges, and for the ring finger and thumb nails I used the advance stamping technique (you can see how here). So I pretty much ended up practising a variety of stamping techniques. I struggled to take this nail art off as I do rather like it, but there are too many nail ideas and not enough time! I also like how my nail shape is looking at the moment - so all in all this was a winner!
Colours used: Cheers To The Holidays - Fun Lacquer, Bright Lights - Barry M, Rain On Me - Barry M, Emerald Green - Barry M, Sparkling Ruby - Barry M

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Stamping Sunday: Sparkling and Snowflakes

Good evening all, hope you had a lovely weekend. Tonight I'm showing you my fist Christmas nails of 2017! I always start in late November with some not too overtly Christmassy Nails. This time I went for snowflakes for a wintery look.

For this design I wanted a bit of sparkle so dug out my blue holo 'How Deep Is Your Holo' from Fun Lacquer. You can't really see the glitter in the pictures (I tried to capture it in the fourth image). I am working on the picture quality, they should get better from here!

For the snowflake images/patterns I used the Uber Chic Christmas-01 plate, there is a snowflake stamping image and a reverse image, which I used on my ring fingernail. The sizes of the images on the Uber Chic plates cover my nails perfectly which made things easier! Not much else to say on these, I'm very much looking forward to more Christmas nails :)
Colours used: How Deep Is Your Holo - Fun Lacquer, White Knight - Mo You London

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Barry M Liquid Chrome

Hello nail world! I'm back after almost a month of limited nail art and blogging (there are some swatches on my Claws For Thought Instagram) due to moving house, with some pretty poor quality pictures I'm afraid! It will probably be this way for the next few posts as I get used to my new set up. Today's is worst of all, as the pictures are taken against a variety of window sills and walls!

I wanted to try out Barry M's Liquid Chrome polishes and see how close they are to mirror chrome, and most importantly, whether they would be good back ups for my foil effect polishes I use for stamping. I picked up the gold and silver back ups but couldn't leave out the other two!

Clockwise from top left we have Razzle Dazzle, Glow Crazy, Bright Lights and Rain On Me. These could all be one coaters if applied the right way, but I used two coats for the swatches to help tidy up any visible brush strokes. As expected with this type of polish you need a smooth surface for them to look their best, as imperfections will show up quite clearly. If you look closely at the purple you'll see some little bumps on the middle finger nail (now buffed away).
I found these easy to apply and as always enjoyed the wider brush Barry M use now. Even though I nearly didn't get it Razzle Dazzle has ended up as my favourite! I don't normally go for pinks but this isn't a very pink pink! They are of course not as shiny as mirror chrome, to get that you'll need chrome powder for the best results. However these are a great set of super shiny metallics that are great for Christmas party season.
Above are my stamping attempts with the liquid chrome polishes. I paired them up and stamped them over each other. Glow crazy was the best but Razzle Dazzle was pretty good too. Bright lights and Rain On Me weren't great over each other, they kind of just looked a bit more like each other. It looks pretty close up but I couldn't get any good pictures to demonstrate that. I think these will show up better on other colours, but am not sure if they're quite as good as the foil effect polishes of Barry M's past! Almost, but not quite.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween Moonlight Nail Art

OooooOOoo! Happy Halloween! This is my last minute Halloween nail art for this year and I love the way it came out! I took inspiration from clairestelle8 on Instagram, who did the same thing but with a different stamping plate/images. I loved her design so much I had to give it a go!

I started with a layer of off white as a base, and then prepared sponges with colours to sponge onto my nails. I used yellow, turquoise, cobalt blue and shimmery/sparkly blue (colours listed below the pictures). Once dry I used my Festive 16 stamping plate from Mo You London, and stamped some carefully chosen images onto my nails in gold. I then stamped the same images over the gold, but slightly lower, in black stamping polish. Thank goodness for clear stampers!

I'm super pleased with these and feel like I want to keep it on for ages! I love the effect of the moonlight peeking out between the haunted houses etc, and the shiny shadowy effect of the gold. I'm super grateful for the inspiration!
Colours used: Cream Soda - Barry M, Greenberry - Barry M, Cobalt - Barry M, Yellow - Barry M, Love & Liberty - Painted Polish, Foil Effect Gold - Barry M, Midnight Mischief -Painted Polish

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Oompa Loompa Pumpkinny Nails!

Hi everyone! Happy almost Halloween! Suitably seasonal nails to show today. I've been super excited/busy lately as we finally got the keys to our new/first house on Thursday! It's been a busy weekend preparing stuff before we move the furniture next weekend. So I've had this nail art on for just over a week.

This is my third sharpie nail art in the last few months, it's such a good technique and gives quite a lot of colour options (I bought a multi-pack!). I used my Festive 16 plate from Mo You London for the pumpkin images which I stamped on in black. The design is a little small for my nails so I stamped it from the top and filled in the bottom with some autumnal copper glitter. I mixed some orange sharpie with nail polish remover on some foil, and used a small brush to paint the pumpkins. I put a top coat on before the sharpie part to protect the image.

For the semi-circles of glitter I used two polishes, Jolly My Roger and Crunk On Copper, both from Painted Polish by Lexi. This was so that I could get a good coverage as the glitter is in a clear base. I could have sponged on the glitter but this seemed easier as the colours are similar. I love both polishes (especially the glitter!) so it also made me feel like I was saving them!

To explain the title, for some reason the orange on these has made me get the oompa loompa song in my head regularly!
Colours used: Alpine Snow - OPI, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, Orange Sharpie, Jolly My Roger - Painted Polish, Crunk On Copper - Painted Polish

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Hoot Hoot Hoot - Owl Nails

Hi everyone! Hope you are Owl having a good weekend ;) Today's nail art is sparkly and full of owls/owl puns! Once again I'm still wearing this nail art while blogging it, which is very unusual for me, and a sign of how busy we are with the house move. Picking up the keys on Thursday, I can't wait!

So when I was doing a friends nails, she was looking through my stamping plates and found one I forgot I had bought, the UberChic owl plate. I seem to associate owls with autumn (is that just me?) so thought now is the perfect time to try it out. I also had three new holo's from Painted Polish by Lexi (colours listed below the pictures) so thought I'd give them a try too. I've included an image of just the colours below, and at the bottom of this post will do a little mini review.

I painted alternate colours onto my nails, and then used the advances stamping technique with my Uber Mat for the owls, and just regular stamping with white stamping polish on my middle fingers. I really liked how these images came out. The owls are so cute (there are loads more on the plate too) and the images came out nice and crisp. I think the colours worked well too. You can see how to advanced stamp in pictures here.
Colours used: Jolly My Roger - Painted Polish, Yo-Ho Holo - Painted Polish, Love & Liberty - Painted Polish, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, Cream Soda - Barry M, Cappuccino - Barry M, Cocoa - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You London

Painted Polish - Jolly My Roger (copper-ish), Yo-Ho Holo (green) and Love & Liberty (blue)
Just wanted to share my thoughts in the three untried holo's I bought from Rainbow Connection about a month or so. How I managed to go that long without trying them I don't know! All three shades have a lovely consistency, and as you can see from the pictures, are pretty holographic! Love & Liberty is quite opaque, you could probably get away with one coat but I used two here as I could still see a\ bit of nail line in the light. For Jolly My Roger and Yo-Ho Holo two-three coats would be needed.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Leafy McLeafFace - An Autumnal Manicure

So I was having trouble thinking of a title for this, and good old Boaty McBoatFace came to mind! (Google it) I think you can probably guess straight away my theme for these is autumn! I bought an autumn stamping plate from UberChic last year and didn't get to use it that much so am trying to make up for it this year. That said, I'm running out of time before Halloween nail time. What with work trips away and the house move finally approaching I've been super busy!

I started with an off white base (colours listed below the pictures), and then stamped a leafy image across each nail with black stamping polish. As I don't have a lot in the way of autumnal shades of nail polish, I decided to use Sharpies. This is my second Sharpie manicure, and I have to say I love the technique! It's easy to do and you can do a lot with blending colours.

After protecting the images with a quick dry top coat, I picked some autumnal shades and scribbles them onto some foil. With each one I mixed a little nail polish remover using a nail art brush, and lightly painted it onto the leaves. A few of the colours you can't really see as they blended a bit. Once dry (which doesn't take long) I finished the design with a matte top coat. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out :)
Colours Used: Cream Soda - Barry M, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, Sharpies: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green