Sunday, 18 March 2018

Magnetic Galaxy

Good evening all! I'm going to make this a quick one as I'm sleepy from a hard weekend of eating! Tonight's nail art is the simplest way to get a galaxy themed manicure. This was my second attempt at using Fun Lacquers magnetic nail polish, after watching some videos about how to use it. I started of with one plain layer of the polish, and then another where I held the magnet diagonally in the middle for 25-30 seconds on each nail. I finished it off with another final coat with the magnet.

Holding the magnet over the nail polish for longer (last time I think I just did about ten seconds!) definitely gave a crisper more pronounced pattern which I really like. The pattern did spread a bit over time, even once the polish was dry, but it was still a good distribution of the colours. I finished off with as layer of holographic silver glitter. I made sure not to paint it on too thickly as I wanted the pattern underneath to remain visible.

This took minimal effort and I love the end result. I kept finding myself moving my nails around to look at the gorgeous colour shift, especially in bright light where the glitter would shift too!
Colours used: Incredible - Fun Lacquer, 24 Karat Diamond - Fun Lacquer

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Magical Mystical Symbolic Rune Thingy Nails!

Hello nail people! I've been away the last week with work, and then busy over the weekend so I have a bit of a backlog of nail stuff to try and get to this week. This one is from a few weeks back, using a new stamping plate I got just before Christmas. I had been planning this nail art  for ages so it was good to finally give it a go.

I started with a pale grey base, and then used clingfilm (saran wrap) to splodge some medium grey over the top for a mottled effect. Meanwhile, I created decals on my Uber Mat and coloured them in with a dotting tool. You can see how I did that here. I covered the design using a matte top coat, and then went over the pattern part again with a clear top coat to bring back the intense shine on the coloured sections. Not sure how well that shows in the pictures, but it was good in person! 

I'm pleased with how these turned out, and looking forward to using the Mo You London Minimal 07 plate again, although it might be a while as I have a few untried plates!
Colours used: White Horse Street - Nails Inc, Grey - Barry M, Midnight Mischief - Painted Polish, Estate - Cirque Colors, Who Needs Love - Colors by Llarowe,  My Car Has Navy-gation

Monday, 5 March 2018

A Nail Art Ode To Snow!

Hello world! I'm in a super chirpy mood today as I have just ordered some more nail polish! My third order this month and it's only the 5th! Oops!! (I see a buying ban coming on) So I have a bit of a nail art back log, but want to show you my current nail art as it's themed around the recent weather. If you're reading this outside of the UK, you are probably aware that here in the UK we are not good at coming with extremes of whether, or even some snow! However we also get pretty excited about it :) So I just had to do one last winter mani, or 'ode to snow'!

I started with the lovely shimmery bluish grey London from Picture Polish (I adore the bottle for this!). It was my first time wearing this polish so I've included some pictures at the bottom of it in all it's glory. This nail art was a simple stamping design using Uber Chic's Lovely Leaves 01 plate. I chose the tree image and layered the falling leaves over the top. I love this image as it's so versatile, you can do designs for all seasons as it looks like snow if done in white!

I am off to Krakow with work for the rest of the week from tomorrow so I except this may be weather appropriate there too!
Colours used: London - Picture Polish, Cocoa - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You London

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Into Space - Metallic Space Wonderland Nails

Hello nail world! Got some lovely and easy galaxy nails to show you today, with one of Fun Lacquers magnetic polishes. They have been out for a while but I was finally tempted to try a couple and they are really lovely. I bought the Fun Lacquer magnet to go with them and it is surprisingly powerful! For this nail art I used one layer of black and two layers of magnetic polish (Fun Lacquers Believe).

After applying my second layer of magnetic polish I held the magnet over it for a few seconds to move the colours around (one nail at a time!). This was a bit of a mistake as when I was later watching videos about these it turns out you're meant to hold the magnets over for 15-30 seconds, which makes a lot of sense as I wasn't getting the same effect as I was seeing in pictures (doh!). However I was getting some of that colour shifting magic (just with softer lines) so I do still like the result!

Once dry I used my Bundle Monster space themed Kelli Marissa collaboration plate. It's such a good plate for galaxy mani's, I love the scattered star images which I chose for this nail art. I stamped the images in metallic silver, and on my ring finger and thumb nails put some holographic silver over the top. The holo wasn't very obvious but was perhaps a little more shiny under bright lights. Overall I'm pleased with how this turned out and looking forward to playing with the magnetic polishes some more!
Colours used: Lady In Black - OPI, Believe - Fun Lacquer, Rain On Me - Barry M, Harp On It - Color Club

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Nails Inc Self Made Mermaid Duo

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good weekend. I'm having a quiet evening in so far but will see what happens. Today I've been trying out Nails Inc's new nail polish duo, the 'Self Made Mermaid' duo. This is the fourth duo they have done, following the very successful unicorn duo they released last year. I've managed to resist their space themed and champagne themed duo's (which both look lovely), but this one was too me to ignore!

First up is Ocean Ever After, and I am so pleased I managed to get decent pictures with my left hand! This is a metallic blue with a tiny bit of gold running through for the extra metallic shimmer. There's also a hint of green in the bottle but that didn't really transfer to my nails. The formula is good and I love Nails Inc's brushes. It does look a slightly deeper/brighter blue in the Instagram pictures, so I might try it over some dark grey or something to see if I can get that effect. That said it is also lovely as it is. This one is perfect in 2-3 coats (I've used three here).
Next is Mermaid Parade, a pearlescent pastel blue. This has a hint of purple-ish shimmer running through it as well but it's only visible in certain lights. The formula is also good in this one, though is is not as opaque as Ocean Ever After. I used 3 coats in my swatches but I'd say you'd need 4-5 for full opacity, that or try it out over some other base colours. It is a stronger more opaque colour than the recent Barry M sea themed shades (review a few blog posts back).

So my favourite is Ocean Ever After, as I expected, as it's just more my sort of thing. I love a good blue, especially when it's shiny! They are both lovely polishes though and I love the packaging. I can't resist keeping them in it as it makes them look special and more expensive, even though these are cheaper than normal Nails Inc polishes (it's £15 for the two). Looking forward to seeing which duo they bring out next, and if I can resist it!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Valentines Day Nails 2018 - Lobsters Again!

So the title of this is a bit of a spoiler... but I just felt the need to try and get my nails to come up in searches for lobster, don't ask why, I don't know either! I don't usually go in for the whole hearts and flowers and pink stuff vibe so valentines isn't my favourite nail art season, but I usually do one token valentines nail art per year! A few years ago I did lobster and heart nails using one of my Mo You London cooking themed stamping plates, and I loved them so much I couldn't resist doing more lobsters, this time free-hand.

I used a dotting tool to create outlines of the shapes in red polish, and then filled them in with more dots. I will definitely try this technique again. It's easier than just painting! The hearts were easier as they're a simple shape and I could add more to the outline if it wasn't quite right.

That's all for today. Lobsters and love to all!
Colours used: Dead Heat - Barry M, Cream Soda - Barry M, Lady In Black - OPI

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Pantone Paint Nails 2018 - Ultra Violet

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Today I am showing you my Pantone 2018 themed nails for a Mo You London competition on Instagram. I'm not 100% happy with how they turned out but I may as well enter them anyway! The competition involves using MYL plates to create purple nail art based on the Pantone colour of the year 2018 - ultra violet. The prize is of course stamping plates.

I wanted to do a paint theme as I think it fits the Pantone theme quite well, and what with the painting of our living room (and seeing Pantone paint samples at the shops) it's very fitting for me at the moment! I started with a lilac base, and then used MYL's Artist 20 plate to place some paint themed images in white. For the little fingernails I branched out to a 'nail paint' theme and did a dotting tool over some dots. The dots are from the MYL Pro 01 plate.

Once dry I used a small nail art brush to add the 'paint' in varying bright shades of purple. I particularly like the paint tubes but frustratingly I put them too low on my left hand which doesn't look quite right. I did them better on my right hand somehow but that hand is harder to photograph! So overall I quite like these, but sadly I don't think they're a winner. Might just have to resort to buying the new cat themed stamping plates! TTFN!
Colours used: Berry Ice Cream - Barry M, White Knight - Mo You London, Concord - Cirque Colors, Wigmore Street - Nails Inc, So Jelly - Mark (Avon), P819 - Mark (Avon)